Dogs & Storytelling

Mar 30. 2018 |   Posted By: admin

The stories I've written have led me through life. They shout. I listen. They run up and bite me on the leg like Bella (my dog). But instead of saying, "ouch," I respond by writing everything that goe [ Read More ]

Lessons Learned from Poem, “George Gray”

Mar 30. 2018 |   Posted By: admin

“George Gray” by Edgar Lee Masters is one of my favorite poems. Below is the poem with my commentary: I have studied many times The marble which was chiseled for me— A boat with a furled sail [ Read More ]

Creative Writing 101: What is plot?

Mar 29. 2018 |   Posted By: admin

What is plot? It is no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have traipsed by on their way to incredible adventures. Plot is observed after the fact, not before. That is all [ Read More ]