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Public Speaking can be downright frightening.The stage can be as traumatic a place as it can be dramatic.Even the best actors have struggled with stage fright early in their careers.But they’ve learned how to overcome it.Not through “tricks” or “quick fixes.”But through a technique – a performance technique.

Actors are taught a technique that allows them to express themselves freely, to accept themselves for who they are, and to allow their true self to shine through.

Ask any actor what their technique means to them and you’ll hear the same theme repeated over and over again: “it’s the foundation upon which my acting rests.”

Having a technique is as important to speakers as it is to actors.And it can be learned, no matter how shy, timid, or self-conscious you might be.

Up until now, dramatic technique was something that could only be learned by enrolling in an acting class.

We want to change that …

By making it accessible to anyone who has something creative buried deep inside and is yearning to let it out.

Speak to the Beat has taken the tools and the techniques that actors have relied upon for centuries to draw audiences to the edge of their seats and onto their feet and applied it to public speaking for teens.

The results have been nothing short of astonishing.Come experience it for yourself.Let us show you how to rock the talk while winning the minds and hearts – every place, every time.