What can your child learn about public speaking from an actor (and a lawyer)?

I’m a New Jersey-based attorney and actor who is comfortable not only in front of a jury but also in front of a camera. I provide training for teens in the areas of public speaking, debate, and mock trial.

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What can your child learn about public speaking from an actor (and a lawyer)? My approach is simple. I help my students identify their true selves – their best qualities – and then integrate them more fully into their public speaking. Unlike traditional training which focuses on what a person is doing wrong, I focus on what makes the person unique and what they love to do. When a speaker feels connected and passionate about a topic, they will stop worrying about where to put their hands and how they are being perceived by the audience. 

In order words, they lose consciousness of self because they are solidly convinced that there message is one that is worthy of being heard and are focused on delivering it in a way that will impact the lives of the audience. The speaker appears confident, assured and articulate to their audience. As a result, the audience begins to inch forward to the edge of their chairs, waiting for the speaker to utter the next word.

My classes are customized to address the specific needs and personality of the student. Getting to know the student up front and what makes them “tick” is vital. Acting techniques are used to help students improve their communication skills – and find the joy in talking about what they love.

Most Americans say that public speaking is their number one fear – I can make speaking to a group of people fun and adventurous.

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